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Personal Injury

One moment can change a life forever. With the turn of a wheel or the skid of a tire, lives are lost or altered. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission notes that some six million accidents occur on U.S. roadways each year, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, and truck accidents. In addition, each year, tens of thousands of others are injured in the workplace, in construction accidents, or as a consequence of a variety of other mishaps. Many of these accidents are truly “accidents” but others are caused by negligence.


At the Law Offices of Harley Fastman, accident-related personal injury cases are one of our specialties. Our top-notch legal staff is well-versed in the specifics of New York personal injury law and will do everything possible to help deserving clients fight for their right to compensation after an accident.


We recognize, of course, that each lawsuit is unique, and we strive to develop a winning strategy for every case in a way that prompts satisfactory results in a timely manner. After all, an adequate settlement means fewer worries about things like medical bills and lost wages and more time to spend with those who need you most.


At the Law Offices of Harley Fastman, we take time to review the facts carefully to determine the viability of each case, and once we’ve assumed responsibility for your personal injury suit, we’re with you every step of the way. Our staff is in touch with you on a regular basis to keep you up to date on the status of your case and we’ll exhaust every available avenue to get you the compensation you deserve.



Personal Injury cases we accept include:


Car Accident

Truck Accident

Bus Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Construction Accident

Slip and Fall / Trip and Fall

Premise Defects

Dog Bite

Assault and Attack


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