Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Working in the construction industry is dangerous. Construction is an occupation that is plagued by accidents, despite workplace laws and other guidelines that strive to protect employees. But often, companies cut corners, ignore rules, and refuse to initiate adequate safety measures. The result? A workplace that’s literally an accident waiting to happen.


At the offices of New York construction accident attorney Harley Fastman, we’ve seen it all, from back and neck injuries caused by heavy lifting to electric shocks and burns to life-altering incidents that result in paralysis or even death. And that means loss of income as well as piles of medical bills and other expenses, situations that put both the victim and his family in jeopardy.


New York construction accident attorneys like Harley Fastman and his experienced team of legal assistants can help you
gain compensation for all kinds of construction accidents and their related injuries including:


 • Spinal Cord Injuries

• Crush Injuries

• Amputation

• Brain/Head Injuries

• Back Injuries

• Neck Injuries

• Eye Injuries/Blindness

• Hearing Loss

• Wounds/Infections

• Nerve Damage

• Breaks and Fractures

• Burns/Electric Shocks

• Arthritis

• Permanent Scarring


Many of these injuries are caused by falls including tumbles from ladders or scaffolding. Others are as a result of incidents that include building collapses, fires and explosions, crane and other heavy equipment accidents, forklift incidents, electrocution accidents, saw or other blade-related accidents, and trip-and-fall incidents.

Regardless of the cause, however, a construction accident can wreak havoc with the life of the injured worker. Harley Fastman, New York construction accident lawyer, recognizes this fact and does what it takes to get to the bottom of every complaint filed with his office, assisted by our first-rate team, all of which are experienced in the particulars of New York construction accident law.


We also recognize that most workplace injuries, including construction accidents, are caused by some form of negligence. This means the person in charge of worker safety may not have been doing what it takes to keep workers free from harm, including abiding by Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) guidelines. This puts employees at constant risk when performing certain tasks.


Workers who are not properly trained in safety procedures or given appropriate safety equipment, for example, are at high risk for injury. In addition, improperly maintained equipment, insufficient construction site organization and management, and improper use of chemicals or explosives may also cause injuries and, in some cases, death.


One call to Harley Fastman, New York construction accident attorney, sets the gears in motion and provides construction accident victims and their families, regardless of type of injury, with a little light at the end of the tunnel. Our staff will work as quickly as possible to determine fault by interviewing witnesses, visiting the accident scene, and reviewing workplace safety laws in conjunction with the incident. We’ll handle worker’s compensation issues, where applicable, and tackle the other tasks that go hand-in-hand with a successful suit.


Once the lawsuit is filed, our experienced staff takes the time to make sure you – the client – understand what’s happening, what comes next, and when you might expect a settlement.  At the Law Offices of Harley Fastman, we’ll seek the maximum compensation for your construction accident injury, fully understanding what it takes to get back on your feet after such a life-changing event.


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