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Employment Law

In an era when millions are out of work, employed Americans are happy to have a job that provides them with a place to go each day and a steady paycheck to assist with bills and other expenses. Unfortunately, however, others struggle, some with unemployment issues and some with jobs where they are treated unfairly or differently than others. Still, others feel stuck in workplaces where violations are rampant and other unfair employment practices are being carried out on a daily basis.


No one need suffer from such unfair treatment. Employment laws are in place in every U.S. state, protecting workers from such issues as discrimination, wage and hour violations, wrongful termination, and more. If your legal rights have been violated in the workplace, it’s time to contact Harley Fastman, a New York employment lawyer who fights for the rights of employees.


As an experienced New York employment attorney, Fastman recognizes that not every job is ideal. Our staff has worked with several clients whose legal rights have been violated by employers, and with each viable employment-related case we accept, we become more and more committed to defending the rights of wronged workers, regardless of age, sex, race, or religion.


Issues such as discrimination in the workplace are more common than one might expect and such violations eat at the fabric of America’s workforce. Other employers engage in  additional unfair practices that include things like wage and hour violations, ignoring the laws of the Fair Labor Standards Act in regards to issues such as minimum wage and overtime pay.


As a New York employment law attorney, Harley Fastman takes all these matters seriously, recognizing that everyone deserves their fair share and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Through the practice of employment law, Fastman – along with our expert employment law legal assistants – strives to right workplace wrongs and to bring employers to justice, taking the time to gather all the details necessary to develop a case that provides frustrated employees with a little light at the end of a long tunnel.


We accept most employment law cases including:


Wage and Hour Disputes



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