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Wage & Hour

Though many people choose a particular job because they enjoy working in a certain field or in a favorite environment, there’s no disputing that a paycheck is the most important part of any job. That all-important paycheck pays for groceries, helps individuals save for their children’s educations, and keeps a roof over the family’s head. So, when an employee isn’t receiving the wages he is owed, everyone suffers.


While most employers are honest, others try to skirt the rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act, cheating workers out of their deserved compensation and ignoring laws that govern such issues as overtime pay and minimum wage.


At the offices of New York wage and hour attorney, Harley Fastman, all workers get equal treatment as we aim to right any employment-related wrongs that involve wage and hour disputes. With a team of experienced employment law legal assistants and paralegals in place, we have what it takes to defend frustrated workers, gathering the ammunition needed to develop a case aimed at securing any and all compensation owed to that worker.


New York wage and hour attorneys like Harley Fastman have studied the particulars of labor law, familiarizing themselves with federal and local laws governing fair wages and other work-related issues. Of course, each workplace is different. Therefore, we give every viable case our personal attention, familiarizing ourselves with the details of each lawsuit and the workplace named in the suit. We are committed to each case we accept, working efficiently and effectively to resolve your case in a timely and equitable manner.


Per New York Law, certain employee classifications require that the worker be paid time-and-a-half for each hour that exceeds 40 hours a week.   If you are working more than 40 hours a week and are not being paid for overtime, and you feel that you are being improperly classified as defined by New York State and Federal Law, it’s time to call Harley Fastman. These types of employee offenses not only entitle the employee to unpaid back wages but liquidated damages as well.


Similarly, federal and state agencies also have laws concerning the minimum hourly wage employees must be paid (with some exceptions). If you have been paid less than minimum wage and are in a job where minimum wage is the law, New York wage and hour lawyer Harley Fastman can help you garner back wages and any other compensation or damages you may be owed.


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