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Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting experience. Driven by individuals of all ages from all walks of life, motorcycles allow certain freedoms drivers don’t enjoy with an automobile, providing a unique experience that’s hard to match.


Unfortunately, however, motorcycle accidents are commonplace. Despite the fact that only 3 percent of all vehicles registered in the U.S. are motorcycles, each year, reports by government agencies show that motorcyclists account for some 12-13 percent of all highway fatalities. That’s more than five times higher than the risk to car drivers and automobile occupants.


At the offices of New York motorcycle accident attorney Harley Fastman, we recognize that motorcycle accidents have a variety of causes. Speeding and recklessness is sometimes an issue. Rider inexperience, roadway conditions, vehicle malfunctions, defective products, and the negligence of other drivers also cause thousands of motorcycle accidents each year. Regardless of the cause, however, it’s obvious that motorcyclists are more highly-exposed to injury than car drivers, resulting in extensive personal injuries that include broken bones, spinal cord injury and paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and amputation. In addition, some 5,000-6,000 motorcyclists die on U.S. roadways each year.


Harley Fastman, New York motorcycle accident lawyer, takes motorcycle accidents seriously and recognizes the prejudices riders often face, especially in a court of law. Hence, Fastman and his experienced staff of personal injury legal assistants and paralegals strive to compile the best case possible so that when it’s time to settle or go to trial, all the loose ends are tied and plaintiffs are represented in a positive light.


Top-notch New York motorcycle accident attorneys like Harley Fastman take time to gather ALL the facts necessary to assemble a well-organized case, including reviewing accident reports, examining the accident scene, gathering witnesses and witness statements, taking photographs, and examining the driving records of others involved in the accident.


Successful motorcycle accident claims garnered by the Law Offices of New York motorcycle accident lawyer, Harley Fastman, have included compensation to help cover expenses that include exorbitant hospital bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and vehicle replacement or repair. Aggressive litigation means settlements come in a timely manner, allowing motorcycle accident victims and their families to move on as soon as possible, closing a painful chapter and looking forward to a brighter future.


Harley Fastman accepts most motor vehicle accident cases including:


Car Accident

Bus Accident

Truck Accident


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