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Premise Defect

Owners of residential and commercial buildings have an obligation to keep their premises safe, avoiding the possibility that others will be hurt on their property. It is the responsibility of all property owners to warn others of potential hazards and fix any defects in a timely manner to protect others. Unfortunately, not all owners are diligent about taking care of their buildings and grounds or keeping them well-lit to avoid assaults or other attacks. Sometimes, someone gets hurt as a result of that negligence.


Similarly, animal owners who do not keep their pets in control may be penalized when the animal bites or attacks an innocent victim. An animal attack is a serious issue and no one should have to endure the pain and suffering and disfigurement caused by a dog bite. Sadly, these victims are often unsuspecting children.


Anyone who has been a victim of any of the above scenarios – including trip and fall accidents, attacks, or dog bites – has a right to seek compensation for their injuries. Personal injury attorney Harley Fastman can help.


As experts in the field of premise liability law, Fastman and his team of personal injury legal assistants can develop a lawsuit that aims to assist victims and their families in tackling the typical expenses associated with these kinds of injuries, including lost income, medical bills, extended care, and – in some cases – funeral expenses.


At the law offices of Harley Fastman, we do what it takes to bring premise defect cases to an equitable conclusion. Our paralegals and legal assistants take the time to visit the scene of the incident, study police reports, interview witnesses, and review medical records in an effort to determine blame and set the record straight.


Most importantly, we make the process as easy as possible for you, recognizing that whether the case is settled at trial or out of court, it can be a stressful time for all involved. The compassionate team at The Law Offices of Harley Fastman is in your corner throughout the duration of the suit, eager to help you move forward and put the past behind you.


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