Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Nearly every driver has experienced a close call with a truck. Large tractor trailers, because of their immense size and weight, can cause frightening encounters on the road, especially when those behind the wheel are driving recklessly, when roadways are bad, or if the vehicle in question is in poor condition. Each year, notes the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are approximately a half-million trucking accidents on America’s roadways and about 5,000 of those result in fatalities.


Usually, the person killed in these incidents is not the driver of the truck but others who are unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Often, negligence is a tragic part of these catastrophes. That’s why the offices of New York truck accident lawyer, Harley Fastman, have dedicated thousands of hours to helping clients who’ve been seriously hurt or killed in truck accidents, fighting to garner the compensation victims and/or their families need to recover from these horrendous incidents.


Finding who’s to blame isn’t always easy. Often, for example, trucking companies are negligent in maintaining their fleet, ignoring obvious signs of wear and tear or choosing not to make needed repairs. Eager to cut corners and keep expenses low, companies skimp on inspections, allowing drivers to operate vehicles that are far from safe. Hence, accidents are often caused by defective parts, worn brakes, or failure to supply mandatory rear guards that prevent under-riding, causing cars or motorcycles to slide under the rig.


Driver negligence is also a major concern and one that NY truck accident attorney Harley Fastman and his team of professionals encounter on a regular basis. Everyone makes mistakes, but often, truck drivers push themselves to the brink, eager to make more money or get to their destination quickly, falsifying their records so that discretions remain hidden. Common truck driver negligence that causes serious accidents includes driving under the influence, speeding, falling asleep at the wheel, drifting into other lanes, and making dangerous wide-angle turns. 


New York truck accident attorneys like Harley Fastman can get to the bottom of truck accident-related deception. Assisted by our team of experienced personal injury legal assistants and paralegals, Fastman digs for the facts – studying trucking laws, reviewing maintenance records, perusing drivers’ past histories, and taking the hours needed to put together the most comprehensive case possible in hopes of obtaining fair compensation for those who’ve been injured in these often-horrendous accidents.


At the Law Offices of New York truck accident lawyer Harley Fastman, each case receives the utmost attention, whether it is settled out of court or goes to trial. We’re interested in you – not just your lawsuit – and that means we keep in constant touch to be sure you know what’s happening and when, with the ultimate goal of bringing your case to a timely and equitable conclusion, allowing you to get on with your life as soon as possible.



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